Wastewater Treatment Plants

If you manage a waste water treatment plant (WWTP), additional metrics are now available in B3 Benchmarking to provide an ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (ESPM) 1-100 score on how the plant is performing. After an initial import occurs, you will see a WWTP site added to your Benchmarking portfolio. Quarterly, the State of MN will provide flow data to be imported into Benchmarking. Energy consumption data will need be entered to calculated the score.

WWTP specific characteristics are now collected in the Site Editor on the ENERGY STAR tab, including:

  • Plant design flow rate at MGD
  • Average Influent Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) at milligrams per liter (mg/l)
  • Average Effluent BOD at mg/l
  • Fixed Film Trickle Filtration Process: Yes/No
  • Nutrient Removal: Yes/No

A new Flow Meter type is only available in energy mode for those sites defined as WWTP. Other types of treatment plants (e.g. drinking water) are not eligible for scores.




For WWTPs with plant design greater than 0.6 MGD, scores provided are directly from ESPM based on criteria and consumption data entered. For WWTPs designed smaller than 0.6 MGD, scores have been calculated using ESPM’s formula. These calculated scores are still a useful gauge of energy intensity, however shouldn't be viewed as a precise percentile ranking of energy performance.

As before, baseline metrics are still available based on energy consumption however they are now normalized by flow versus square footage as with other building types. Within Reports, you can normalize by either the plant flow rate or BOD removal. Square foot normalization is no longer a report option for WWTPs.

Similar to other B3 exports, basic WWTP information will be available through the Excel export function as well. Metrics include, though not limited to, the score, energy use in kBtus and kilowatt hours (kWh) per million gallons of flow (kBtu/MG and kWh/MG), and energy use per pound of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (kWh/lb BOD and kBtu/lb BOD).


Download the WWTP Overview presentation for additional information on the entire B3 Benchmarking application.

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