May 2018

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  2. Total Electric Reporting
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  5. Capterra Review Request
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Weather Normalization Updates

Two updates to baseline weather normalization. B3 Benchmarking has been utilizing a government provided weather service, which recently shutdown. As a result, B3 Benchmarking has been updated to pull weather data from a different government managed weather service. This new service includes hundreds more weather stations. All sites have been defaulted to the nearest weather station.

Secondly, actual weather normalization is now the default method. This new method builds weather signatures along the way to accommodate varying energy sources and occupancy dates. You can still manually change the method back to Baseline Weather Normalization if needed. Both updates may impact baseline metrics.

Total Electric Reporting

For organizations that utilize PV and wind, you can now report on ‘Total Electric’ to get a holistic view of the electric consumption for a site. This roll-up is available for Benchmark, Baseline and Reports. Within Reports, you can still drill down at the site level to individual meters to monitor each.

Water Submeters

Like energy mode, water mode now has the ability to create submeters. This allows potential tracking of pools, cooling towers, irrigation and more. Reports default to a roll-up of site water usage but allows ability to drill down to individual meters as well.

Daisy Chain Submeters

For organizations that have intricate submetering, submeters can now serve as master meters to downstream submeters. Example: a whole building interval meter is flagged as a submeter to the utility master meter but also serves as a master meter to downstream data center meters.

Capterra Review Request

Share the benefits B3 Benchmarking brings to your organization by posting a review on Capterra. Capterra, a free resource to help users find the right software, provides product information and collects user reviews. Reviews for B3 Benchmarking will lead to more users, and more users leads to better peer comparisons for all. Please take a moment to leave your review at:

Upcoming Training

Join the B3 Team at one of the following webinars to hear more about these new features and open discussion.

  • Tuesday, May 8th, 3:30-4:00pm
  • Register here.
  • Wednesday, May 9th, 10:00-10:30am
  • Register here.

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