MN Session Law

Minnesota Session Laws - 2002
CHAPTER 398-H.F.No. 2972

Sec. 8. Laws 2001, chapter 212, article 1, section 3, is amended to read: Sec. 3. [BENCHMARKS FOR EXISTING PUBLIC BUILDINGS.] The department of administration shall maintain information on energy usage in all public buildings for the purpose of establishing energy efficiency benchmarks and energy conservation goals. The department shall report preliminary energy conservation goals to the chairs of the senate telecommunications, energy and utilities committee and the house regulated industries committee by January 15, 2002. The department shall develop, in coordination with the department of commerce, a comprehensive plan by January 15, 2004, to maximize electrical and thermal energy efficiency in existing public buildings through conservation measures having a simple payback within ten to 15 years. The plan must detail the steps necessary to implement the conservation measures and include the projected costs of these measures. The owner or operator of a public building subject to this section shall provide information to the department of administration necessary to accomplish the purposes of this section.
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