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State of Minnesota B3 Benchmarking

Welcome to B3 Benchmarking! B3 Benchmarking is a building energy management system for public buildings in Minnesota including state, local government, and public school buildings. If you have a B3 account, welcome to the newest version! If you don’t have an account, please contact us to get started.
Our mission is to provide you with tools to help manage your buildings, improve your building portfolio efficiently, and monitor the improvements. We have completely re-written the B3 Benchmarking site! We have added very sophisticated reporting and graphing, baselines, integration with ENERGY STAR, peer comparisons, and other great features – just to help you manage your buildings.
Please explore the public site. If you have a B3 account you can log in at the upper right corner of this site using your existing credentials. The new B3 Benchmarking application will launch automatically in a new window. It requires the Microsoft Silverlight 5.0 plug-in.

We hope B3 Benchmarking will become an indispensible tool for you as you manage your buildings and budget for your energy expenditures!